I made a bunch of iOS apps, 2010-2016.

I am no longer on the App Store, but some of these were pretty fly.
Will there ever be interactive anything that runs 5y later?
ClimberMan is a simple game that I used as a starter project for my students' games.
GeoMelee is a project I made in collaboration with some students: a GPS-enabled StarCraft clone.
JunkSpace is an art App, made with Lynn Cazabon, a GPS-enabled AR that shows orbiting objects as they pass overhead.

It showed, just, everywhere, for what that's worth.
Medsitations is a game that looks at the links between meditation and in-game concentration. Pretty.
NAS Dome Explorer was a collaboration with UMBC's IRC, an AR app that makes architecture more interactive.
Starry Eye: a Star Castle clone, but more trippy.
Sight-reading tutor: tutorial app for learning to sight-read clef notation.
Ukieshaker: a ukulele simulator that uses the accelerometer to control strumming.

The audio units code running in iOS 3 was such a stunt.
Driver John: a DirectX/OpenGL Windows game I made in 2001.

Indie game development, about two years too early.
the PAG: A GAP, implemented in Half-Life, in 1999. Gabe Newell bought in!